Application For Sick Leave Examples & Samples [Copy Paste]

Application for sick leave: It is the reality that sometimes our health can deteriorate. Fever, abdominal pain, headache, cold, flu, cough, in such a condition one may require both rest and urgent treatment. An employee in good physical and mental shape can easily do and understand work and can also handle routine work in the best way.

Consequently, the institute of legislators has granted the right to all public and private workers to demand application for the sick level to maintain their health. An employee can stay home after mailing or sick leave request to the Boss/manager of the property in the department.

Application For Sick Leave
Application For Sick Leave

In the event of illness, an employee has the option of using a sick leave application from the office. A civil servant can acquire sick leave of one to ten days. Only in case of major health problems, a medical certificate or a written note from the doctors is needed as proof along with the license application.

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What to write in your sick leave application?

When writing an application for a sick day, make sure it is short and to a point. Therefore, you need to incorporate numerous factors into your sick day application.

  • No. of days you will be absent from the workplace
  • Reason for your absence
  • Name of the contact person who will review your workload.
  • Doctor’s note, if possible
  • Whether you will be able to answer urgent calls and application

So, there are some tips for effective and easy ways to write a sick leave application. Whether it is for application for sick leave in office, sick leave application for a school teacher, sick leave letter for fever, or sick leave application to the boss.

Important Tips While Writing Sick Leave Application

Send the application as soon as possible

This is the first and most important thing employees should follow to notify managers and their colleagues before official hours. The sooner the application gets to your boss or manager. The sooner you will have to contact him, and that’s huge if you need to postpone ant meetings or arrange your substitutes.

Write a clear application “subject line”

when writing an application, you must specify why you are writing it and what it indicates. Fill in the subject line with your name and the reason for writing. for example- “First Name Last name- Absence”.

Inform them about its availability

 When you are sick, you may not be able to control your official mail. Therefore, inform them about your presence, how you will be able to cope with urgent calls or applications. If so, let them know that you can work from home and not take a sick day. It’s a good idea to let us know in advance if you can work remotely.

Mention paid or unpaid leave

Check-in with your boss on paid or unpaid leave, whether it’s close to your sick leave or not. If you happen to be with a company that distinguishes between personal days and sick days, you will want to state which one you are using as well.

Update the next step you are working on.

If you have meeting plans so, let your employer know that your plans are postponed further. Otherwise, contact someone to arrange the meeting. If your team has someone who can cover your assignments and clients, let your boss know.

Application For Sick Leave Samples

Sample 1

The Principal,
Kendriya Vidyalaya,

Arjangarh, New Delhi 47

Subject: Application for maternity leave from January 3, 2020, to March 2, 2020

Dear Mrs/Mr

I want to apply for maternity leave for three months from January 3, 2020, to March 2, 2020. As I have mentioned above, I will rejoin the company at the end of this period.

Due to the long license period, Janki Pandey took over my responsibilities and took full responsibility for the 90-day project.

 The attachments are my medical certificate and other important administrative details needed to use the license.

In case of an emergency, 9917919823 will be available. Thank you. I want to come back soon.

Nirmala Pandey

Sample 2

Wilson State Bank,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Leave Application for a period of DATE to DATE

Dear Sir/Madam (name of manager/HR manager)

I would like to avail my annual leave, please consider my application for the same. As I have the requisite allowance; I request you to grant me leave for XX days in total; during which I intend to travel to my hometown.

I would like to avail the leaves from {start date} to {end date}. I have handed over my charge during this period to {person’s name} for the team/project/my tasks. He/she very well understands the same and is capable of handling the task as required.

During the days of my leave from office, I can be reached at {email address/contact number}. I will rejoin the office on {date}. Thanking you in advance for this kind consideration,

Warm regards,
{Your Name}

E-mail format for writing an application for sick leave

Subject: Request for sick leave

Hello, I am writing this email with a high temperature since the weather has changed, my condition has also changed. The sudden change of season always catches me, and a cough and stuffy nose pave the way. This winter happiness has made me sick. I am very convinced that winter does not suit me. Due to my poor condition, it would not be possible for me to go to work at the office. I don’t leave the office, but a high fever and a sore throat keep me out of bed. The doctor has already prescribed many medications and rest.

Thank you in advance.


Name: ———


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