Leave Application For Marriage – Format, And Samples

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing good. This post is all about leave application for marriage.

Students always ask about how to write leave application for marriage in school that’s why today I am writing this post to help you write a marriage leave application.

leave application for marriage
leave application for marriage

Tips For Writing Leave letter For School

  • The letter should be straight forward and precise
  • If possible, always attach a wedding invitation for the person to whom you are writing the letter, It shows a sweet gesture. (For principal, HR)
  • Be respectful while writing the letter.

Leave Application For Marriage (With Samples)

I am going to show you some simple leave application for marriage formats. You can use them according to your needs.

Lets first see how a leave letter for marriage format is written.

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(Write Your Name Here)

(Write Your Address With City, State, And Zip Code)

Date – (Date of Writing the Letter)


(Write Name of Supervisor Here)

(Write Address of Supervisor Here)

Subject – Leave Application For Wedding

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am (Your Details), working in (Department details) in your company. I am writing this letter because I want to convey that on the evening of 24th December, my close friend is getting married and I need to visit the function as he is one of my closest friends.

I request you to please grant me 2 days of leave so that I can attend the wedding. I shall be grateful.

Your Sincerely,

Thank You
Your Name

Leave Application For Marriage In School

If you are a student and you need to attend any marriage function then you can opt for this format.

The Principal,
(School Name),
(School Address).

Date –

Subject- Leave application for Marriage

Dear Sir/Mam,

I am (Your Name), student of (Class And Section). I would like to bring to your kind attention that my elder brother is getting married on 28 Dec 2019 and due to all of the marriage functions I will unable to come to school for 3 days.

I request you to kindly provide me 3 days of leave. I shall be grateful.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

This is a leave application for marriage to principal.

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Leave Application For Own Marriage

This application letter format is for those who are working professionals and due to their marriage, they want leave from their office or company.

This is a sample leave application to HR

Rohit Lohia,
Senior HR Manager,
Kotak Mahindra Bank,
Gurgaon Branch,

21 December 2019

Subject: Leave request for marriage function

Dear sir,

I am Pritam Nagrale and I am working as a loan agent in your bank. I am writing this application to convey to you about my marriage that is going to held on 26th December.

Kindly provide me leave for a week so that I can happily complete my wedding functions.

I am attaching my marriage invitation along with this letter please attend my wedding and bless us.

Thanking you,
Pritam Nagrale

This was a leave application for own marriage to HR.

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Leave Letter For Cousin Marriage

If your cousin is getting married and you need to attend that function then you can use this template.

Nagpal Singh,
Senior HR Manager,
Mg Ventures,
Gurgaon, Haryana.

22 December 2019

Subject: Leave Letter For Cousin Marriage

Dear sir,

I am Pramod Dubey and I am working as a marketing executive in your company for the past 2 years.

I am writing this letter to tell you that recently my cousin marriage was fixed and next week he is going to get married.

He is very close to my heart and i have to visit his wedding that’s why I request you to please grant me 2 days leaves so that I can attend all the functions.

Thanking you,
Pramod Dubey

Leave Application For Brother Marriage

This section will provide you a leave application sample for brother marriages.

If you are looking for a leave letter for brother wedding then you can use this template.

Please use the application format from any of the above examples, I am just adding the application body here.

Dear sir,

I am Rohit Lohia and I am working as the team manager in your company for the last 6 months.

I am here to tell you that my younger brother is going to get married next month and being an elder brother I have a lot of wedding work to do at my home.

I request you to please grant me 6 days of leave. I will check all the pending work just after the marriage.

Thanking You,
Rohit Lohia

Leave Application For Sister Marriage

You can write it the same as that we have written for brother’s marriage.

Just change it according to your needs and you can write an amazing leave letter for sister marriage.

Dear Sir,

I am glad to bring this to your attention that my younger sister is getting married on 3rd Jan 2020. I need urgent leave for a week for all the required wedding arrangements. Please find a marriage invitation along with the letter.

Kindly grant me leave for a week and please show your presence at the wedding function. I will look after all of my pending work once I get free from all the wedding functions.

Thanking You,
Rohit Lohia

This is how you can write leave application for sister marriage. You can use this template or you can use your own.

leave application for marriage youtube video


How can I write leave letter

Just use all the tips that we give in every post regarding leave application and you can write amazing applications for your self.

How do I write a leave of absence?

Mention the proper reason for asking the leave and also mention number days for which you want to take leave.

Keep the language of the application formal don’t try to be friendly.

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