Application For TC Or Transfer Certificate (Copy & Paste Samples)

Hey there, I hope you all are doing great. My name is Rohit Lohia and today I am going to show you how to write an application for tc. No matter if you are in school or college, you will get all kinds of transfer certificate application samples here on this article so make sure you read it till the end.

Including that, you will also find how to write an application for a transfer certificate from school, college or university in English, Hindi or Urdu. We will also tell you the format that you have to follow while writing the application for transfer certificate.

Application For TC
Application For TC

What is TC?

Full form of TC is a transfer certificate, it is a document that is issued by the school or college that allows the student to take admission in some other school and college that’s why we call it as a transfer certificate. It is basically for the transfer of the student from that particular school to another.

If you are planning to change your school or college then it is necessary that you get your TC from that school, and for that purpose, you need to write an application to the principal of that school or college requesting them to issue your TC.

Important Tips Before Writing An Application For Transfer Certificate

As I have already told, TC is issued by school or colleges that allow the student to take admission to any other school. The TC application letter is written to the principal of the school or college. Here are some important points that you can consider while writing an application for tc from college.

  • Always mention the Subject of the application.
  • Greet the person that you are writing to by using Dear, Respected, etc.
  • Write the application in a formal way.
  • Mention the reason for leaving your current school.
  • Mention your Class, section, Course, Contact details at the bottom of the application.

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Is TC Important For Students?

YES, absolutely Tc is very important for every student who is planning to change his current school or college. TC allows you to take admission in any other educational institute. If you don’t have a transfer certificate then you can’t take admission to another school or college.

It is an very essential admission document. Without the transfer certificate letter, the students can not carry ahead their education to the next school.

Basic Reasons For A TC

There can be a number of reasons for a student to issue a TC from their school or college, but in most of cases, students leave their school because their father’s job gets posted to another city. For that reason, the parents ask for a TC from school so that their students can continue their studies.

There can be some other reasons too for a TC like after completion of a certain class like 10th or 12th. Like for example, to take admission in college after class 12th, you’ll be needing a tc.

So most of the time, a tc is wither written by students or their parents to the principal. Most of us will write the letter for transfer application in English but that is not necessary, you can write it any other language too like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati depending upon the place you live.

Although the format for the application is going to remain the same no matter what language you are writing in.

Application For Tc From School

The principal
Kendriya Vidyalaya (Your School Name)
Arjangarh, New Delhi (Your School Address)

Subject: Application for tc.

Dear Sir,

Myself Rohit Lohia (Your Name), student of class 8th A. I am writing this application to inform you that my father is a government service holder recently he has been Transferred from Delhi to Bangalore (state your reason). Due to that me and my family have to shift there.

So i request you to please provide me the Transfer certificate so that I can take admission to another school without any problem. I shall be thankful to you for this.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Name: Rohit Lohia
Class: 8th A
Roll number: 21
Date: 24.12.2020

Application For TC From College

In some cases, you are required to write an application for college for your transfer certificate. Although, in some colleges, you will get your TC after completing your college without any application but some colleges ask for an application.

Don’t worry in this article I will be telling you how to write an application for tc from college. Here i have written a detailed application sample that you can also use for yourself.

The Principal
College Of Vocation Studies,
Sheikh Sarai, New Delhi 47
Date: 02 Jan 2021

Subject: Application for transfer certificate

Respected Sir/Mam,

With due respect, I am writing this application to let you know that I am Rohit Lohia, a student of your college since 2016. I want to tell you that i have recently completed my graduation from your college and for higher studies I will be needing a transfer certificate from the college itself.

So I request you to please issue my transfer certificate so that I can apply for post-graduation in some other college. I shall be grateful.

Thank you,
Sincerely Yours!
Rohit Lohia
Course: Bsc Computer Science Hons.
Year Of Admission: 2016
Roll Number: 2083

Application For Tc From School After 12th

After completing your 12th from any school, it is mandatory that you’ll collect your Tc from your school, and for that purpose, you have to write a transfer certificate application so that your school can issue your transfer certificate.

Here is a sample that you can use to write your application for tc to your school principal.

The principal
Kendriya Vidyalaya (Your School Name)
Arjangarh, New Delhi (Your School Address)

Date: 02 Jan 2021
Subject: Application for transfer certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,
Myself Amit Kumar and I am a student in your school for the past 6 years. I want to tell you that recently i have completed my class 12th from your school and now I want to take admission in college so that I can continue my studies further.

As you already know that in order to take admission in the college, I need to have a transfer certificate issued from the school authority. So I request you to kindly provide me a transfer certificate. I shall be grateful to you.

Yours faithfully
Name: Amit Kumar
Class: 12th A
Roll number: 21
Date: 24.12.2020


1. How to write application for tc

We have already shared 3 samples on this article on how to write application for transfer certificate you can take a reference from there. If you have any doubt then you can comment down below.

2. How to write tc application for school

Tc application letter for school can be written in the same way as we write for college. Make sure you use your proper college name and properly address yourself in the application. don’t forget to add your class, roll no., section and contact details so that if they need more information they can directly contact you.


Here in this article, we have discussed how to write application for tc or transfer certificate. So the main point is that sometimes you will be asked for an application but sometimes you will be not. So you have to be ready with your application.

That’s why we have created this post to help those people who are unable to write applications and whose English is bad. We are giving you all the permissions to use and modify the examples shared in this article with you.

Just tweak them a little according to your needs and you are ready to go.

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