Cover Letter For Internship With No Experience {2021}

Whenever we are looking to apply for internships the first question that comes in our mind is how to write a cover letter for internship with no experience.

Now that’s a fact that almost 90% of people who apply for internships are freshers that means that they don’t have any prior experience in any field. Now this makes it difficult for them to get selected for that internship as they don’t have any experience.

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So today in this article we are going to discuss how you can write a cover letter for internship with no experience. I am also going to share some cover letter with no experience sample with you.

cover letter for internship with no experience
Cover Letter For Internship With No Experience

Writing a cover letter for a job you have no experience for might be difficult for few people but believe me guys it’s not that difficult. Below i am sharing some of my own cover letters that i have written when i was struggling to get an internship.

Before that let’s take a look at what actually a cover letter is.

What is a cover letter?

Usually, a cover letter is nothing but just a piece of paper having a short summary about your qualifications, skills, experience (if any) and some other information. It is usually attached with your resume so that your profile can stand out from the crowd.

Your cover letter should tell the employer why you are a perfect candidate for the role by mentioning all your qualities along with the responsibilities for that particular postion.

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Cover Letter With No Experience Template

(Your Name)
(Your phone number)
(Your email address)
(Your portfolio link/website/social media handles)


[Name of employer]
[Mailing address of employer]

Dear [hiring manager’s name],

I hope you are doing good, myself [Your Name], I am writing this cover letter to let you know that recently I saw your advertisement on Linkedin for [Mention The Role] after I saw the job posting I got very excited because I always wanted to work with your company.

Let me tell you about myself, I have done graduation from [Mention University] in [Mention Your Subject]. [Now mention all your college achievements or why you are perfect for this role, mention the projects that you have done in past, if you have any other experience you can just include it over here and also tell them how your skills can benefit their company]

I think the skills that you are looking for perfectly match with my passions and dedication. I can’t wait to work with your company, looking forward to hear from you.


[Your name]
[Your signature]

Cover Letter For Fresh Graduate Without Experience

After we are done with our graduation we all-start looking for jobs right? but the thing is most of us dont have any experience as we are fresh graduates so it becomes really hard to get a good job.

But sometimes a good cover letter or job letter can makes this task easier for you. This section is going to tell you about how to write a cover letter for fresh graduates without experience.

(Your Address)


(Recipient’s Name)
(Job Title)

Dear (Salutation & Name),

Hi there, I am writing this cover letter because I am applying for the Sales Associate role in your company as a fresh graduate of Business Administration. I think the position that i am applying for fits perfectly with my education and career interest.

Being a student of Delhi University, not only did I maintain excellent grades, but I am also disciplined and can easily work in any kind of environment. I was also a member of the football team in my college and I have played football on the state level.

I think confidence is the most important skill that is needed in the sales industry, and My background as a student and an athlete has taught me how to be confident and stand out from the crowd.

As a member of the team, I have also contributed tremendously in improving the team’s morale, spirit, and engagement through the various team activities that I organized. From the scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest score), the team rated 8 for ‘successfulness of activities when it comes to engagement’. Through my achievements as a student and an athlete, I have proven that I am passionate and dedicated to the things I do.

Being a complete fresher, this is going to be my first time working in the field of sales, but I am quite confident that with my skills and abilities, I can learn quickly and make an immediate impact to your team and to the company.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

(Your email address & contact number)

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Here we have talked about how you can write a Cover Letter For Internship With No Experience. You can use these pre-made cover letter samples as your own and modify them to fit according to your job profile.

If you like this post make sure you share it with your family and friends and if you have any doubt regarding this article make sure you comment it down below, i will be happy to help you.

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