Cover Letter For PHD Application In 2023 (With Samples)

Hi there, how are you guys doing, today in this article we are going to discuss about you to write a cover letter for phd application in 2021. So we are going to share few samples as well so that you get an idea about how to write cover letters for getting your phd application selected.

cover letter for phd application

The most important part of your PhD application is your PhD cover letter. Your cover letter should tell the interviewer why you are a perfect fit and why you should be invited for an interview.

So this article will tell you exactly what a phd cover letter is and what are the benefits of it. We will also tell you a few pre-written cover letter for phd application.

What Is PHD Cover Letter?

A cover letter is nothing but just a piece of paper that tells the interviewer why you should be selected for your postgraduate doctorate. It should reflect your actual personality in your own words and convey the hiring panel to select you as a phd student.

While writing the phd cover letter just keep one thing in mind that do not repeat the information that is already written in your cv. Instead of repeating the information you can expand it and make it more clear to the hiring panel. It should not sound boring.

You should highlight your specific expertise and academic achievements that you have earned in past. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

Keep in mind that while submitting your phd cover letter you may be asked to submit a personal statement along with your cover letter. This totally depends upon the university that you are applying to. Some may ask some may not. For your information, a personal statement is different from a cover letter.

A personal statement is more focused on your interests, goals and your ambitions in life, on the other hand, your cover letter will focus on your achievements such as your academic and professional experience if any.

You may be asked to draft both statements, then try to keep this in mind during the writing process.

Important Points To Include In PHD Application Letter

First of all, there are no specific rules and regulations that you have to follow while writing your phd application letter but here are some important points htat you should include in your cover letter.

  • About Yourself – Always start the letter by introducing yourself, who you actually are, what’s your personality, etc. Imagine yourself as a product and your cover letter as a marketing tool for yourself, you have to convey to the hiring committee to select you in their team.
  • Achievements And Skills – If you have any past achievements then that should be included in your cover letter along with the skills you have.
  • Your Research about that particular institution and why you want to join that particular academic institution
  • Your Projects – If you have worked on any projects in the past then you should include that as well, maybe that particular project gonna impress the hiring committee and you end up getting selected.
  • Why You Are Perfect – Every academic institution is different and looking for different candidates, do your proper research about the institution before applying and include all the key point about why you are a perfect fit for them.

Take your time to craft your application letter as you are writing it on a professional level. The more time you spend on your cover letter the better you’ll able to write.

Use the ‘top-down‘ approach to include the more relevant and important information at the top of the letter and then work your way down to the end. You have no surety when will the hiring member stop reading your cover letter, that’s why the top-down approach ensures that they have all the necessary information even if they stop reading your cover letter in the middle. Do not make the introduction too long as they are more interested in your skills.

Cover Letter For PhD Application Samples

Now we will see how to write a perfect cover letter for PhD application step by step.

Introduce Yourself

The first thing you have to do in your cover letter is to properly introduce yourself for eg. who you are, what’s your academic background, why the hiring committee should consider your application, etc.

This is the right place to tell them what PhD you are applying for and why you have taken this decision to study further. You can start your storytelling in this section as well.


 “I developed my interested in this subject when I met [name], who is one of your alumni. They inspired me to want to continue my learning and further my knowledge, which has been developed through my professional experience at [company name].

Here you can clearly see that the candidate is explaining why he wants to apply and what inspires him to continue their studies. He is also telling about his professional experience with a company. This creates an interest in the reader’s mind.

Showcasing Your Achievements and Skills

After the introduction, you have to tell them about your previous achievements and skills that you have. You have to tell them how your skills can help them in the projects and commercial sectors.

You can also refer to your CV for better insights about your achievements and skills. You could use this section to briefly introduce what topic you believe would make a great research project.


As already mentioned in my CV, I have an extensive professional history within my sector. From my experience at [company name], I was able to focus upon my key specialisms, which led me to develop an interest in [project].

“As you know, the profession have ever-changing nature and due to that there is always a scope to continue the research into [Subject] and i am ready to combine my skills and experience in my research. I believe this is of value to not just myself and my peers but also my wider profession because of [detail].


This is how you can write a cover letter for PhD application. You can always experiment in your own way or you can use our references as well to write a perfect cover letter for phd applications.

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